If you can’t hack it, then just ‘hack it!’…

We’ve all been there, don’t worry, waking up late to the biggest presentation of your life and your best shirt has creases in it bigger than Joan Collins’ natural forehead…

But to prevent it from happening again in the near future, here are eight relaxing and efficient morning life hacks to help make that busy day a little more enjoyable…

1. Plan your outfit, lunch and gym bag etc the night before. Yes it is an obvious one, but if you’d done it this morning you probably wouldn’t be in such a rush now would you? Remember to leave your keys/pass/phone etc near your clothes so that everything is all in one place.

2. Set your alarm and choose a song you hate, put it on LOUD and leave it as far from your bed as possible. You’ll hate the sound so much you’ll have to cross the room to turn it off… voila! You’re up!

3. If you’ve got the time you could also make your breakfast the night before and save yourself the worry. These delicious (and easy!) breakfast-in-a-jar recipes are a lovely way to start your day:

  • Good Morning Mango – Just layer breakfast granola, some cubed mango and a good amount of greek style yogurt…Voila.
  • Big-Day Jarful – Add bacon, scrambled eggs and top with hash browns, this breakfast isn’t for the faint hearted but it sure will fill you up!

Mason jar breakfast

4. You know how if someone throws a glass of cold water at you it wakes you up? Well drinking one does pretty much the same thing! Hydrate your brain as soon as you wake and you’ll soon get you going for the day.

5. If you’ve missed your slot in the shower, there are other methods of cleaning up quickly. It’s not the most hygienic thing but if you’re in a rush, beggars can’t really be choosers. Grab a pack of baby wipes and do the necessary; you won’t feel the freshest but you also won’t be that guy on the train

6. This one’s just for the fellas. This hair savour is the dream product for all of you barnet-proud men out there. The Fudge Elevate Styling Powder is like a mystical hair fairy that sculpts your barnet into a perfect shape with maximum hold. Even better, it doesn’t leave a Flashdance-esque like hairspray can.

7. Ladies, now it’s your turn. Reduce hair-drying time by switching your towel for an old t-shirt. Believe it or not, they are much more absorbent so will dry your hair faster and stop it getting frizzy too!

8. There’s nothing like a bit of music to really get you going in the morning. Whether you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan, you like a bit of classical rock or you’re just planning to shuffle out the door to some Route 94, make sure you’re blasting those tunes! It’s been scientifically proven that music helps to wake you up and increases your chances of starting your day in a positive mood. Check out this weeks unCOVered playlist for inspiration! 

There you are, some easy morning hacks to get you out the door on time and on your way to having  a good day! Comment below if you’ve got any more morning tips 🙂