How we did in our A-levels …and what happened next!

So it’s getting closer… August 13th is just around the corner and you’ll soon be standing there with an envelope in your hands, more than a bit scared to open it! To make you feel slightly more at ease, we’ve spoken to a few of our own staff members to see how their A-levels went, and what they did next…  (and yes, of course we’ve used gifs to show how they felt!)

Like many students, Ben’s experience could’ve gone better…

I didn’t enjoy my A-levels at all. I wasn’t prepared for the jump in the level of work and expectations. I found it hard to organise my time properly and, like many of us, they came during a difficult and awkward period of my life… On the whole, I did as I expected and got fairly average grades. I can still feel the nerves from that day, holding my envelope while I took in the reactions of everyone else in the school hall. The only thing I wish I could do would be to go back and tell myself to be excited, not nervous, as that day would mark the beginning of a fantastic chapter in my life.”

Emine I'm fine

Others have fond memories of receiving their A-level grades, like Claire…

“I was originally supposed to get AAB to get into my first choice of uni, but actually only got ABB. Thankfully, they had accepted me anyway and I had seen this on UCAS before picking my results up. So what would have been quite a disappointing moment if I hadn’t found that out beforehand, ended up not bothering me at all because of the end result, me getting my chosen place!”

Jay Z

Josh’s story demonstrates how to come back from a bad result and do better next time…

“When I opened my AS Level results I saw straight U’s. To be truthful I was expecting it, yet having it in black and white right in front of me was still something I found quite difficult, as I just had no idea what to do next. After leaving sixth form slightly dejected, I went on to study a BTEC, completed my course and ended up at Coventry University, so really it couldn’t have gone better!”

Snoop Dogg

And then there’s those like Joe, who are happy to have done as well as they did, but wanted that little bit more…

I was, on the whole, pleased with how I got on in my A-Levels, especially after quite a difficult second year at Sixth Form for me and my friends. Results day itself was obviously a nervy experience, but I already had a rough idea of what I would achieve because of my AS results, (and teachers constantly saying, “this won’t get you an A!”) I achieved two B’s, one C, and a D. Overall I was very happy as it opened the doors to the universities I wanted to attend. Although, that elusive A in English would have been lovely!

J-Cole annoyed

Don’t forget, once you’ve completed your A-Levels you don’t have to rush straight into university either. Joe shares this bit of advice:

“…don’t worry if you suddenly become unsure of what you want to do next, whether you achieve your ideal results or not. I ended up taking a break from education for a few years, until I felt the time was right to really go for it and set my sights on a degree. Time is on your side, no matter how rushed into making a decision you may feel! Put yourself first 🙂 “