Music to get you through the week #22

It’s October and by now your playlist is probably crying out for the kind of music you won’t hear at 3am on a bar crawl (as much as we love Mr Brightside, there is a limit!)

Have no fear; we have songs that will bring a breath of fresh air to your ears – and it’s not the autumn chill we’re talking about!


Lion Babe – Impossible

Not feeling your early alarm on a Monday morning? Start your morning with this song by the lady with the biggest hair in pop (it’s full of secrets…) and we guarantee you’ll be dancing while you’re brushing your teeth. 

You can break me down and shake me
Don’t try to rearrange me
No way you can mistake me, it’s impossible
You can break me down and shake me
Don’t try to rearrange me
No way that you can change me, it’s impossible


Jessie Ware – Champagne Kisses (Darius remix)

Remixes can often be controversial but the French DJ Darius (not the singer of Colourblind) has taken Jessie Ware’s hypnotic vocals and given Champagne Kisses a 2015 refresh.

I count every kiss
Till I’m finally sleeping
This love supreme
That’s why I’ll always give in


Jack Garratt – Chemical

Whoever said men couldn’t multitask didn’t take Jack Garratt into consideration! He plays multiple instruments, delivers outstanding vocals and maintains a fabulous ginger beard, what more could you want to listen to on hump day?

My love is overdone, selfish and domineering
It won’t sit up on the shelf
So don’t try to reason with my love
My love is powerful, ruthless and unforgiving
It won’t think beyond itself
So don’t try to reason with my love

And when you pray, he will not answer
Although you may hear voices on your mind
They won’t be kind 


Nothing But Thieves – Itch

By Thursday you’ll be itching for the weekend (see what we did there? ;)) and the alternative rock Nothing But Thieves create will carry you through to Friday. We dare you to try and hit the high notes? Bring on the angst!

There’s a rumbling in my head
It’s getting louder and louder
There’s a shaking in my bones
It’s getting stronger and stronger 

There’s a hunger in my heart
It’s full of promise, promise
There’s an itch under my skin
It’s under my skin, under my skin

‘Cause I, I just wanna feel something real
‘Cause I, I just wanna feel something


Petite Meller – Baby Love

TGIF! Whether you’re getting ready to go out, having a chilled night or starting a trip back home to raid the cupboards/see the family, Baby Love is a classic pop anthem – not too much cheese with just enough dancing beats.

Baby, Love, you don’t know
What that means
Baby, Love
Disappearing while you’re here 

You just knock me off my knees
I’m sweating off my body
I shiver
When I’m walking on the street
I’m tryin’ not to worry
Have mercy

Ta da da da da da da
Ta da da da da da
Ta da da da da da 

Saturday Night

Format:B – Chunky

Shake your tail feather to this song by Format:B with just the right amount of cowbell being played – trust us, it’s a thing! 

Heap big fun
Till the break of dawn
Gonna shake a tail-feather shoot
It’s gonna be a run

Hold a shotgun on the rooster
And dare him to crow
How could anybody sleep
When they could get out on the floor 


Ben Howard – End of the Affair

Roast dinners, Simpsons reruns and chilled out music is what Sundays were made for. This track is one of many favourites from the album I Forgot Where We Were – listen out for the insane instrumental section around the 4-minute mark!

The end of the affair
The weight of the world
The kindness gone to bed
The way of your laughter
Alive in the halls
Did he hear, did he hear
The fumbled words you said

Living without her
Living at all
Seems to slow me down
Living forever
Hell, I don’t know
Do I care, do I care
The thunder’s rumbled sound