Staff at Christmas

Christmas in the office: Our traditions!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without trees, tinsel and traditions!

We all have them, but some are stranger then others… Here is a selection of the best from the unCOVered team, …and other people in the office who were made to join in!

Every year my parents always got my sister and I a ‘special’ christmas bauble so that when we left home we’d have a collection of ornaments from our childhood/teenage years.”

“As I have a December birthday the christmas tree is not allowed to put up in the house until the weekend after – it’s all about me! Even when I moved out, my parents followed the tradition!

“On Christmas Eve, for the past 17 years, we always have cheese and ham toasties or chicken paninis for dinner! It’s something I really look forward to, and I have to go to my parents to have them, even if we have another dinner planned too!”

“The Christmas album that we have on repeat each year is called ‘Cool Christmas’. It has some classics on there, and also some unique choices.. but we absolutely love it! On Xmas morning, my dad had to set up the living room before we went in; only the christmas lights were allowed on and the album had to be playing when we opened our presents!”

“My mum always wanted me to wake her up before I opened my stocking in bed early in the morning – even if it was at 4am! Now I don’t live at home, I will still text her as soon as I wake up to say Merry Christmas and make sure she’s awake!”

“Every Christmas Eve my family go out to celebrate, then come home around 2am on Christmas morning for pork and stuffing batches. It’s a tradition thats been going for more than forty years”

“For over 30 years now my family have made sure that the same decoration (a very threadbare robin) goes on the tree before anything else, otherwise it’s ‘bad luck’!”

“My brother and I have always received a stocking each Christmas that includes the same presents: a kinder egg surprise, chocolate coins (and other chocolatey treats), a new tooth brush …and an orange. Even at the age of 27 and 24 our Mom still does this for us and we still put the orange straight back in the fruit bowl!”

“Every year my Mum has to put the tree up alone. We have NEVER been allowed to help. The baubles have to be evenly spaced, and the lights have to all be on show (without the wires showing!!!) – something that we “just can’t do”. It isn’t Christmas for us until she has a melt down and declares ‘Christmas isn’t happening’.  After a childlike tantrum, she then finishes the tree like a normal person and we can finally start celebrating!”

“On Christmas morning, my sister, brother and I were always made to get dressed, have breakfast and brush our teeth before we were allowed to see if Santa had been and left any presents. My dad would always go downstairs as we were getting dressed and appear from the living room with an empty plate and glass – Santa had been!”

“Santa (in our house) doesn’t like the traditional mince pies and glass of milk, so our children leave out a cookie and a can of lager. Winning!”

What about your Christmas traditions? Use our comments section to let us know what your family simply have to do every year!