4 things you need to know about UCAS Extra

Applying for university can be hard work, especially when you’re not sure what you want to study or if you haven’t received the offers you hoped you would.

The good news is that there are always other options if you’ve thought of something else you want to study or a different place you’d like to go. That’s where UCAS Extra comes in.

So what is UCAS Extra and how can it help? Read on, young scholar, and find out more…

You can still apply to another university or course


UCAS Extra gives you another opportunity to apply to university, essentially allowing you a sixth choice after your previous five. From February 25th you can apply once again for a university or course you really want, or feel is right for you.

UCAS Extra is great because it allows you to be proactive in your search for the right offer without having to wait around for Clearing to begin. It’s a horrible feeling to think you aren’t in control, UCAS Extra gives you a little bit of that control back!

You may be able to change your personal statement


Although UCAS Extra does not offer you the opportunity to revise your original personal statement, there may be other options to do this depending on the course.

If you speak to the university you are applying for directly, you might be allowed to send them a new personal statement if you feel that it would benefit your application. Depending on the circumstances, the university may ask you to send the statement to them directly, so be prepared.

Not all universities and courses will have vacancies through Extra


It’s important to bear in mind that not all universities and courses will have places for you to apply for. Many vacancies are snapped up quickly if there is a lot of demand. However, this does give you the chance to do some research. By using UCAS’s search tool you can find all the courses you are able to apply for, including any you hadn’t looked into before.

Try not to see this as a setback, but a chance to discover something new that really interests you, something that you can see taking you down the right career path.

You can keep applying if you don’t get an offer


If you are unsuccessful with your sixth choice or you do not hear back from your chosen university in 21 days, you are free to apply to another course. You can continue this process until July 4th, so don’t panic, time is still on your side!

Why not use this as an opportunity to make some backup plans? Create a list of universities and courses you’d like to be a part of and put them in order of preference. This way, if you aren’t lucky the first time you’ll have some other options waiting just in case.

Still a bit confused about the process? No problem, you can visit the UCAS website for more information.

We at UnCOVered, sincerely wish you the best of luck with your application procedure. Just remember that what you put into this is what you’ll get out of it. So work hard at it, don’t be discouraged and get ready for a great experience at university!