6 ways to celebrate finishing your exams

When you close your eyes you can almost picture it, putting the pen down, the waves of relief washing over you… A life without exams. But then you open your eyes, realise you’re in the library and can’t remember how you even got into university.

But don’t worry, nothing lasts forever! Soon you’ll be free again, and what more incentive do you need to get through the exam period than planning how you’re going to celebrate afterwards?

If you’re struggling for ideas though, take a look at these great ones to get you excited for your upcoming freedom.

1. The meal out


The standard way to keep it classy. It’s no secret that students don’t get to go to nice restaurants that often (unless you consider 3am kebab shops to be nice restaurants of course). So why not get some family and friends together and celebrate in style?

Sometimes all you need is good people, good food, and a good atmosphere to make you feel like you’ve done yourself proud. Plus, there are always options to do other things afterwards. You can hit up a nice cocktail (or mocktail) bar, do some bowling, or if you’re feeling brave, stay out until the wee hours.

2. The house party


This option should always come with the disclaimer that if you choose to throw a house party, things may get ruined and you may end up paying for it. However, there is a reason that we all still continue to have them; they’re fun!

After all, it is hard to find anything better than throwing all your friends together with some drinks, good tunes and party games. Just make sure you’ve got a solid cleaning crew on hand for the next day.

Also, you always want to keep your neighbours on side while at university. So do yourself a favour and warn them that you’re having a party, or better yet, invite them!

3. The catch up


Exams and revision are really tiring work, even before you consider the stresses that your personal life and biology can also create. So if you don’t feel up to all the socialising and late nights, don’t worry. There’s no shame in giving yourself a bit of time to hibernate and recharge your batteries.

Besides, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the TV and movies you’ve missed! Do what you want, don’t worry about missing out and make sure you catch up on The Walking Dead, it’s so good!

4. The holiday booking


To really kick the celebrating into another gear, how about taking a trip away? Some time apart from your regular life is really good for the soul, and you often come back from a holiday with a much clearer and refreshed mind. Sun, sea and sandy beaches could be just what the doctor ordered and the best way to celebrate.

On the other hand, if lounging by a pool all day isn’t really your thing, it won’t be long until festival season is upon us again. Why not get involved with one of the ever-growing number of music, sport or food festivals throughout England and Europe? A weekend buried in mud with your best friends is a lot more enjoyable than you might think.

5. The retail reward


Everybody loves a bit of retail therapy when they feel bad, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same feeling after your exams. (You don’t even need the feeling bad part!)

In fact, the best thing about having a celebratory shopping spree is that you don’t have to feel guilty. You worked hard and you earnt the rewards that come with that. Plus, if you play your cards right you might even be able to get a little extra reward from the family.

6. The great outdoors


With all the studying and dedication that it takes to get through the exam period you’ve probably seen more of the library walls than you have sunlight. Try taking your celebrations outside for some much needed fresh air and vitamin D.

You’ll have noticed that the days are starting to get longer again, you only need one jumper instead of two and you can see the odd leaf here and there… It’s practically summer! Make sure you make the most of it.

Some of the more popular outdoor celebratory activities include picnics, theme parks, carnivals, BBQs, running around in the rain and wearing sandals with socks. (Ok maybe not that last one).

Whatever happens, make sure you do take time to celebrate and reflect on what you’ve done. The world moves at such a fast pace that sometimes it’s easy to move on to the next thing and forget our accomplishments.

You should be proud of what you’ve achieved, not everyone can do it.