Final year is nearly clear!

As the famous song goes – “And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain”…

With only weeks to go until I finish the final year of my Media degree here at Coventry University, I wanted to share some of the thoughts and feelings I’m currently going through, as my time as a student approaches it’s climax!

 Where did the time go?


Although it’s been said so many times before, it really is true when tutors and other students say “it’ll be finished before you know it”! These past 3 years have well and truly flew by, and it’s good to take the time out and reflect on all the things that have been accomplished. My advice to anyone that still has a year or two to go is to try and appreciate every moment, day, module etc, because you don’t want to have any regrets or missed opportunities when you reach the end of your studies.

I’ve learnt more than I ever expected!

bieber 'learned'

It’s not until you think back to your first and second years that you realise just how much you’ve actually studied, along with all the new knowledge and skills developed over the course. I was searching through Moodle the other day, and found myself looking at my previous modules – it’s crazy when you see them all listed, and then pinpoint back to those particular assignments or standout taught sessions. I know it can sometimes feel like nothing is sticking in, but more stays with you than you thought – well that’s what I’ve discovered anyway!

So, what happens now?


Honesty time… I am crazy scared about what happens next now that my degree is coming to an end! There’s no real way around it, big changes are going to happen over the next few months – Completing the course, finding a career path, working full time, graduation. Adulthood! (AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!) University is like being in a bubble – a self contained ‘mini world’, which we habituate for a number of years, getting a few tasters of what the real working world is like, and then BANG! Final term. Last submissions. All done, see you at graduation! It is a scary thing, but another challenge I have to take on, and when everything starts to fall into place, it will hopefully turn out to be a very exciting time.

What do you mean I have to pay full price for stuff?

I predict that the phrase “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” will never become more relevant than on the day I learn that I can’t get a student discount anymore! Online shopping, buying clothes, fast food, having a meal out, going to the cinema – I can’t believe I’m going to have to pay full and adult prices again! My student card has been a great help in keeping a decent social life and wardrobe, so I fully intend to continue taking advantage of the good old NUS until it expires in September!

How great is graduation going to be?

I remember seeing some of the graduation celebrations take place around University Square when I was a Fresher and thinking that’s going to be an amazing day when I experience it for myself. And, in a few months time, it’ll be my turn! Surely it’s one of the biggest things to look forward to as a student – just that feeling of achievement and pride will be immense. Previous graduates I know have echoed those thoughts, and although it’s a very formal and serious thing, it’ll be fantastic to celebrate the end of our university life with those you have shared it with.

I REALLY need to finish my dissertation!

star trek study giphy

It’s all well and good thinking ahead to these next steps, and the excitement of graduation – I still have 2 months of work left to complete! As all final years will be aware, dissertation deadline season is well on the way, and if you’re like me, there’s still ALOT of words to be written and checked over! Couple this with a big group conference project and summary essay – there’s still some serious work and effort to put in until my last day at University.

I better get to it! (1)