Coventry University statement on the EU referendum result.

Following the outcome of the recent referendum, Coventry University would like to reassure all EU students currently studying with us, and those who are planning to do so in the coming months and years, of our continued commitment and support.

The British public voted to leave the EU, not Europe, so we fully envisage our diverse staff and student body continuing to benefit from the best and brightest minds and ideas from around the continent gravitating – particularly through programmes like Erasmus – towards the UK and to Coventry for many years to come. Our students are an essential part of what makes our campus so vibrant and the Coventry learning environment so rich and rewarding, wherever you come from.

We know that EU students, in particular, may be concerned about fees and immigration status. Let us reassure you of three things:

1) Coventry University guarantees EU student fees will not exceed UK fees for the next five years.

2) Your eligibility for Erasmus grants and student loans still stands and will last the duration of your course.

3) The UK’s exit will have no immediate impact on your immigration status and that will remain the case until the UK government has progressed its negotiations with the EU.

Whatever outcome emerges from the UK government’s negotiations with the EU, we will support our entire university community through the next stages.

Coventry University will be in conversation with the government, to clarify precisely what the UK’s exit means for our EU students and staff. If you are one of them, then you will be amongst the first to know of future developments.