Things I’d Tell My First Year Self

Did we mention it’s Graduation Week?! This week we’ve been gate-crashing ceremonies so that we can meet as many of our graduates as possible and celebrate with them. It might be that you’re exactly the same as you were three years ago, but we’ve got a hunch most of our graduates have grown and developed into different people to when they started at Coventry. And there’s nothing like hindsight to give you all that advice you wish you’d been able to give yourself when you started university!

As you’re now all ‘older and wiser’ we wanted to know: What would you tell your first year self?

Mariam Hussain

Biomedical Science


It’s going to be OK. Work hard; you’ll get all the help you need. All you have to do is ask for it.”

Chimora Obi & Odesesan

Sports Therapy


Work hard in your first year to make it easier the next year. Don’t take first year for granted.”

“Use lecturers as much as you can. Take full advantage of them.”

Reema Iqbal


Get some experience during the summer. Look into what a ‘year in industry’ is.”

Lauren Mansfield and Sanna Rauf

Biomedical Science


Sleep less, do more.”

“Be more confident, get involved. Do everything you can.”

Ellis Baderinwa & Mo Abdelgadir


Ellis and Mo had pretty conflicting ideas…!

Don’t go out as much!”

“Revel in your first year.”

Jessica Small-Nguyen

Illustration and Graphics 

Enjoy every moment as much as you can! Be around people that motivate and boost you and aim for the job or industry you want/want to be in! Get those priorities in check and challenge yourself at every given chance.”

Rachel Williams

Sport and Exercise Science


Try 100% and don’t let yourself get carried away.”

Olivia Williams

Biomedical Science

Cliche but… Believe in yourself. You’re more capable than you think!”

Jessica Grannon

Human Biosciences


Get involved, join sports clubs, societies, everything you can.”

And of course…

Alan Taemur

Don’t ask cheerleaders if cheerleading is a sport.”

Thanks Alan!

We wish all of our graduates the very best of luck not only for the rest of this week, but for the years ahead! Remember you’re #CapableOfEverything!