Feeling ruff? Watch these 7 relaxing dog GIFs

Hey, we know this time of year is tough. Exams are sucking your souls out through your eye balls and the weather isn’t even that nice?!!? But we got you covered. We know what your poor revision-adled brains need are some cute, hilarious, and ultimately relaxing dog GIFs that’ll help chill you out for ten minutes, before you have to get back to the books…

So let it be our duty, nay, our pleasure, to deliver these GIFs to you. No matter how much of a chore it is to rifle through all those adorable dancing doggies to bring you the very best!

1. Dog who thinks he’s in L’Oreal ad

Bathe in the silky-softness of of his shiny coat! As mesmerising as it is adorable – this GIF is great for when frustration peaks. Breathe deeply, and let the slo-mo waves of furry splendour wash over you!

 2. The hero we all need

flying-pupIs it a bird…? It can’t be a plane? Because it’s clearly a Super-Pupper!! This flying hero has one mission – to save humanity from tension headaches, tired eyes, and crankiness! Watch those lil legs fly this pupper to victory, until you feel ready to pick up the text books again!

3. Putting 2 paws up to the bigger kids

puppy-standing-up-to-dogExams are kind of like bullies, always testing you, trying to make you feel bad about yourself… Remember, you got this – no exam is gunna get the better of you! Stand up to them and show them who’s boss. Kind of like this little dude…

4. The one that’ll make you rush out for a massage

puppy-being-strokedIf you’re lucky enough to have some friends studying Sports Therapy, you’re gunna want to sign yourself up as a massage test subject when you watch this relaxed pup get the best strokies of her life! Ease some of that tension just by watching this adorable puppy get comfier by the second!

5. This sleepy soldier


Exam time can make sleeping difficult. But gaze into your screens readers, and follow this tired out tiddler to sleepy town. You’re feeling sleeeeeepy, so snuggly and sleeeeeeeepy.

6. When your best buddy’s got your back

Has your revision buddy been helping you through this most hideous of times? Course they have! Everyone knows a revision pal is a keeper, so take care of each other on this long road to exam success which we know you’re all on!

7. When it feels like 2 steps forward, 1 step back


Revision can feel like you’re getting nowhere. Normally that’s a sign you need a break. So why not find out which gym this guy goes to and clear your mind over a nice run?

If we’ve really hit the spot with these dogs and you’re looking for more canine-induced calm, take a look at our Jacky the Guide Dog web pages. Find out how the University have been supporting Guide Dogs fro the Blind and how you could come face-to-face with some real life puppies!