Follow us to Follow Me Out Festival 2017

Hey I’m Natasha and I study Dance at Coventry University. I am currently coming to the end of my final year and to go out with a bang, my peers and I are putting on a dance festival called ‘Follow Me Out’. As well as performing in the festival, my role is in Social Media Marketing along with my partner Emily Allibone. We would love you to join us in all the fun and Follow Us Out into the big wide world!


Who and what is Follow Me Out 2017?

Follow Me Out Festival 2017 is a dance festival organised by Coventry University BA third year Dance students to showcase our performances and final undergraduate projects.

When is it?

The festival runs for four days, Wednesday 17th – Saturday 20th of May.

How did Follow Me Out begin?

Follow Me Out was set up in 2015 as a way to showcase and celebrate all third year dance pieces. This year marks the third festival running consecutively.

What will it include?

Live dance performances, dance films, headlining performances from professional dance artists and workshops, installations, a photobooth, raffle prizes and MORE!


Three dance students will be hosting an ‘Education Day’ on the 19th of May, sharing performances that they have been working on with year three children from Park Hill and John Gulson primary school. There will also be interactive installations and is a great day to experience dance in primary school education.


Where is it being held?

In and around the Ellen Terry Building.

This all sounds great, how can I get tickets?

By emailing and stating how many tickets you would like. You will then receive a confirmation email which you will need to bring with you on the day as well as the cash!

How can I support Follow Me Out?

By spreading the word! Whether via social media or word of mouth, every little helps!

How can keep connected and get updated?

Great question! By following us on all our social media sites!