World Emoji Day: Emojis all students can relate to

So perfectly simple, so tiny, so… yellow. Emojis made their way into everyday conversation right when we milennials needed them most. And sometimes when words are too hard to find, that little symbol expresses more than a dictionary ever could. Here’s our run-down of the emojis all students can relate to…

1. Raise those hands

handsFor commenting on Bey’s baby bump, or praising the lord for that essay extension – these raised hands say more in a few celebratory pixels than most can in 100 words. They sum up perfectly your feelings about pizza and they’re even super sarcastic when you need them to be.

2. When Love Island is life

love-island Admit it. You’ve been using this one a lot recently.

3. The rolling of the eyes


In a lecture and someone encourages more work to take home? – Roll them eyes.

The perfect way to indicate a very common emotion to friends, often no words are needed with this little yellow face. Use it to make fun of yourself in a ‘durr’ kind of way, or point out when a lecturer was totally in the wrong that time.*

*Coventry lecturers are never (knowingly) wrong 😉

4. When you couldn’t be more straight-faced

*Me checking my bank balance one week after receiving student loan.*


5. Flame-on

When you’re in Nandos and you all stop and stare because bae just walked in…


6. When 12p noodles are your signature dish

“Fancy coming over for dinner? We’re having…”


7. When your bestie fancies the one you think is an idiot

You just knew it was going to happen, didn’t you?


 8. When you try to play innocent after starting drama in the group chat


angelic-face… or should that be…


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