My Clearing Experience: Faisal’s Story

Hey! My name is Faisal Ahmed! Born and raised in Coventry! I’m an MEng/BEng Civil Engineering student, about to begin my third year in October 2018.

I’m heavily into my games, favourite game right now is Rainbow Six Siege (anyone who plays that will know exactly what I’m talking about)! Trying to be fairly regular in the gym, however, balancing being in uni, work and gym is a challenge. Let’s hope the summer brings something different!

So, how did I get to uni?

I studied Maths, Chemistry and Physics for A-level and did terribly! (Well, not too terribly, but I didn’t get what I was looking for).

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Initially I wanted to study Chemistry at uni. I found it really interesting, but my grades didn’t reflect well enough for universities to take me on. That meant on A-level Results Day, I went straight into Clearing.

So, I began making calls and managed to get an offer for Chemistry, but it was at a fairly low ranking university. I decided to start thinking about other courses I might enjoy.

I made a call to Coventry asking to join the Civil Engineering course… and luckily enough, I got in!

I now had two choices: move away and study chemistry at a low-ranking university (this was what I initially wanted to do). Or save money, stay at home and study a subject I knew very little about (but looked tempting and interesting), with a potentially promising future.

I really believe now I made the right choice and looking back it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

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Being at Coventry University has really surpassed my expectations

Especially the Engineering department. The lecturers are great. There is always help when needed, and they have always provided me with enough information to get all my work completed.

In terms of content, my course is both interesting and varied. In our first year, we had a CAD project to design a survival shelter, using 3D models and 2D plans. Then in second year, we had a group task to design a warehouse/showroom space, but using massive calculations!

University for me has been good. The whole experience has gone smoothly with no problems, and I’ve felt that living at home has definitely contributed to this. There’s PLENTY of support around, from lecturers to careers staff, and especially other students! If I’ve learnt anything, it’s that there are at least 10 other students with the same worries or thoughts as you; all you have to do is ask!

So, where am I at now?

Well, having finished second year in May, I’m in the middle of a long summer break. I thought instead of wasting the time, I’d try to find some work!

Luckily, an amazing opportunity arose where I get to work with the marketing team at Coventry University. I applied as soon as possible and it was great they took me on. So now, I’m busying myself with these guys and their fun projects as we lead up to Results Day and Clearing. I’ll be getting active on their social media and writing the occasional blog, so let’s raise one for the future!

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If you’d like to see which courses are available for Clearing this year, head to our course list. You’ll also find loads of helpful information about how to win at the whole Clearing process!

This post was written by Faisal Ahmed.