City Secrets

Think you know Coventry? That’s what they all say! We’ve got the low-down on some Coventry city secrets people  still don’t know about, which reveal just how much is really going on in our city!

If you read on, you’ll see why we should all be thinking of Coventry as one of the best upcoming cities!

1. £37 million water park in progress


Yep, that’s no exaggeration, its taking place right outside of our office, so we’re literally watching it happen! Coventry is going to be the proud home to the most incredible new sports centre as of 2018, (so you’ve got a bit of time to get here!).

According to the council, the new building will be home to a “water park with slides, 25 metre swimming pool, gym, climbing wall, squash courts, dance studio and day spa”.

The innovative, round building will even light up evocatively at night!

You’ve got time to get ready for summer’s full of holiday-style, poolside fun come next year!

2. FargGoVillage

FarGo-VillageCoventry’s hidden gemstone has been thriving for over 2 years now, but there are still Coventry people amongst us who don’t know what or where it is!!

And you’ll find it at the bottom of Far Gosford Street.

It’s a cultural hub, full of independent shops, cafes, bars, eateries, performance spaces and food vans. It brings a new dimension of life to Coventry, with its aesthetic based loosely around that of London’s Camden or Brick Lane. I say “loosely” because when you’re there, it doesn’t feel like it’s imitating either of these places.


It is truly a magical fun day or night out, where you can explore Coventry’s subcultures in greater depth.

3. Midland Air Museum

One of the county’s leading independent aviation museums. The Midland Air Museum is a unique aeronautical collection established in 1967, which many people do not seem to know about! Interested in jets and aircrafts? Then you must visit Midland Air Museum!

4. War Memorial Park


This is Coventry’s premier park where you can go for a casual visit, or take part in one of the many events that take place throughout the year.

Coventry Events in October 2017

Here’s what’s on offer this autumn up until Christmas! 

The Tin Open Mic

Delightful local music in an atmospheric Old Coal Vault.

When? 30 July 2017-28 January 2018.

Where? The Tin 1-4, The Canal Basin, St Nicholas St, Coventry, Cv1 4Ly

Secret Valentine

An exhibition of works by Li Hui.

When? 06 October-22 October 2017

Where? Coventry, Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Jordan Well, Coventry City, CV1 5QP

Godiva Rocks

A fascinating musical featuring a host of hit songs from Coventry artists through the decades.

When?  07 October-21 October 2017

Where?  The Belgrade Theatre, Belgrade Square, Corporation Street, Coventry, Cv1 1GS

Coventry Zumbathron 2017

The biggest Zumba party in the city is back and bigger than ever!

When? 01 October-21 October 2017

Where? Square One@ The Hub, 4 Jordan Well, Coventry, CV1 5QT

Have you uncovered any more secrets about our inspiring city?

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Coventry Waterpark image source: flickr