From Zimbabwe to Coventry – Hayley’s Experience

by Hayley Caitlin Smith from Harare in Zimbabwe who is studying BSC Occupational Therapy.

Moving to a new country was very overwhelming and when I arrived I was very nervous. I knew vaguely what Coventry looked like from coming a week earlier to have a look around the place that was essentially going become my new home for a while. However, despite entering a completely new atmosphere, I was warmly greeted by many smiles from all sorts of different people.

I have been very lucky with my accommodation halls; Bishopgate, and I have some absolutely wonderful floor mates.  We have already become such good friends. Settling down into your little room is such fun and once you feel comfortable in it, you start relaxing and finding it all much less overwhelming.

Induction week was very interesting. From the introductory lectures, to the new and unfamiliar faces and most definitely the most adventurous evenings; it was all great. Whilst it’s very busy and there were sports, societies, and all sorts of fairs going on around the campus, i met such fun and lovely people.

The technique of learning is obviously much different to that which we all know at school but you most definitely do get used to it with time. The lecturers and seminar teachers are all so great and everyone is willing to help.  It is so promising being surrounding by staff which genuinely want you to succeed.  The support from everyone here is phenomenal (our international officer is the best).

One thing which has been very different to home too, is the weather. It’s most definitely icy over here compared to our home. However, don’t let this turn you away or dishearten you. It’s fun dressing warm and everything is well heated.

There is something for everyone here in Coventry; all sorts of different shops, restaurants, places to see and so much more, which are all well within walking distance. It’s extremely diverse and easy to believe that it will be the city of culture in 2021.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Coventry so far and I hope to see many more people from home come and join this community.