Add some variety to your Christmas feasting

The Christmas dinner is something us Brits have pretty much been raised on. Turkey cooking for hours, pigs in blankets piled on to the plate, sprouts pushed to the side and a competition for the best gravy!

Sometimes this can get a little repetitive if you have several Christmas dinners in December. So here at UnCOVered, we’ve put together some variations to inspire you to mix things up this year when it comes to your food!

Sprout & Stilton Risotto

giphy (57)Personally, I’ve grown very fond of Brussel sprouts over the years! But that may be because I don’t boil the life out of them. Roasted or sautéed, they have tons of flavour that can add to any meal! For this Christmassy dish, simple make a basic risotto using onion, garlic, risotto rice and vegetable stock. Then sauté some finely sliced sprouts and add them to the rice with blue cheese. Top with a dollop of cranberry sauce to really make it Christmassy! For a meat option, you could always add some leftover turkey or pigs in blankets.

Alternative meat for Christmas Dinner (21)

As controversial as it may seem, you don’t have to eat turkey on Christmas day! If you’ve had turkey a couple of times already this year, you could always have lamb or beef on the big day itself. Be a rebel and break the tradition!

Leftover Turkey/Veg currygiphy (53)

By the 27th December, the Christmas flavours might start to taste a bit boring, so why not kick those taste buds back in to action by using up any leftover turkey, or veg and adding it to your favourite curry recipe.

Christmas Piegiphy (54)

Anything can be enjoyed more encased in tasty pastry, especially all of the Christmas trimmings! On Boxing Day, layer a big pie dish with shortcrust or puff pastry and add in anything you have left from the day before, pour over some gravy and put more pastry on top. Delish!

Cheese in blankets

giphy (58)

Instead of wrapping sausages in bacon, wrap up some halloumi instead for a cheesy treat. Or if you want to make this veggie, mix the halloumi with some lemon zest and fresh basil, then wrap in aubergine and drizzle over some

Mince pie brownies


For those with a good sweet tooth, instead of eating 100’s of mince pies (which is totally acceptable) you could make up your favourite brownie recipe and mix in some mince meat to make them extra Christmassy!