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The concept

Coventry is a city with great heritage; the history is rich and vastly diverse. Equally her future must be prosperous. Our Coventry should have a venue that empowers and embodies the community spirit of our great city. She must have for that personifies the united spirit that was displayed by those who fought for us, and our affluent future, in the Great Wars. Something for this wonderous community of ours. Something that respects our past, and gives us guidance for a unified city. Something that should be for our community and used by our community.

This is your Acoustic Wave. 

Its form is a manifestation of the dynamic poetry written by our veterans of the Great Wars and other wars. War poetry is emotional; it has its large leaps as well as its personal space. The acoustic wave embodies this spirit as well expressing the energetic form of music. Sprayed on concrete upon a metallic mesh structure, without formwork, is used to realise this, the materials, as well as the design, amplifies the acoustics with enough room to fit large bands and audiences.

The form itself flows in to the amphitheatre like seating, making the space feel personal. It is intimate as it is an open venue that can be used for weddings or open-air cinemas or theatre productions. It’s time to give Coventry something for the future with the will of our past, something new yet old. Something great. The Acoustic Wave is the form that offers this.

Team 14

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