Team Spirit

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The design

The Spirit will function as a bandstand for different groups to use for performance, and where individuals can visit in order to relax and be reflective. In order to accommodate the different roles that the bandstand will play, the Spirit’s design is constructed from overlapping modular shapes, which create terraces of differing heights. these terraces are used for performance, physical activity or simply for relaxation. dressed in a variety of textures and materials, some of the platforms have canopies constructed of painted steel and strengthened glass, offering protection and shelter from the elements. Reflection pools incorporate water into the design.

The significance of the park has been honoured by creating a relationship between the bandstand and the War Memorial, both through the chance of the bandstand location and by incorporating appropriately sympathetic and complementary materials. Flower beds, planted with poppies, are a reverent acknowledgement of fallen heroes and a board of weathering steel displays the war poem The Next War by Osbert Sitwell.

Team 17

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