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  • Happy New Year

    Here is to all the staff and students at Coventry University having a happy and successful 2016. There will be lots of opportunities to expand our horizons, both mentally and physically and we should make the most of them.
    Wishing everyone a prosperous and peaceful new year.

  • The Old Bailey historic cases

    Read transcripts from ancient records of criminal trials at The Old Bailey. Fascinating fully searchable database. Are your ancestors here?

  • Legal Cheek

    Any budding barrister should take a look at Legal Cheek, a veritable collection of tongue-in-cheek references to life at the Bar. Plenty of fun but some good stuff too!

  • Professor Stuart Weinstein explains research

    Professor Stuart Weinstein explains his research regarding transparency in security transactions and custody chains.
    Follow the link.

  • Let’s go round again – divorce settlements reopened

    15th October 2015 – Two women have made legal history when The Supreme Court ruled that they could have the chance to go back to court to try and force their ex-husbands to hand over more cash. The new ruling means that former spouses can apply years after the divorce or even after after the spouse’s death. The circumstances are limited to where one spouse has allegedly gained by trying to hide some of their wealth. Charlotte Bradley, a family lawyer at Kingsley Naples said “Divorcees who have not been entirely candid about their net worth may well have restless nights ahead.There is no time limit on claims being reopened.”
    Some lawyers were worried that this ruling will open the floodgates and allow greedy former spouses to try and get more money long after the original settlements.

    2012 statistics

    2012 statistics

  • Paris Kicks Butt!

    ParisFor years the city of eternal romance has tried to clean up its act, quite literally. Cigarette butts have been a familiar sight on the capitals’ pavements so a new fine of 68 euros has been introduced for anyone caught disposing of their butts in this manner!. Those of you who partake of the dreaded weed and are lucky enough to visit Paris have been duly warned.