Albinism Project in Africa

Abinism in Malawi Project – Dr Pat Lund discusses her research aspirations


Albinism in Malawi Project – Mentorship of local project officers, scriptwriters and researchers in Malawi


Albinism in Malawi Project – Challenges faced by children with Albinism in Africa


Albinism in Malawi Project – Inclusive education of pupils with Albinism in Malawi; A grant from Sightsavers


Albinism In Malawi – Teachers are used an entry point to educate communities about issues of Albinism

Albinism in Malawi – Partners and training: Ensuring sustainability


Albinism in Malawi – Using a radio drama to inform communities about Albinism


Albinism in Malawi – Using mobile phones to educate communities about Albinism


Albinism in Malawi – A human face on the project: Thank you to all participants!