Baking cakes for Malawi

Beth arranged a cake sale at her local church and raised £40 to support rural community projects in Malawi. She talks of her motivation to join the DASH to Malawi 2014 work experience trip and a skill she hopes to share:

 This visit would allow me to learn from the people in Malawi and to appreciate their resourcefulness.  I have achieved my black belt in Shotokan karate which may be interesting for the locals!

Bethany Doda (Dietetics student)

Beth enjoys the summer of 2014

Beth enjoys the summer of 2014


Student raises money for community projects in Malawi

I have raised over £300 by asking family and friends and by having a collection at my local mosque where I explained about my trip to Malawi and how the money raised will be spent  to support children, schools and projects in Malawi.

A member of the community said “This project sounds amazing. Hope you raise a great amount” and the local Imam said “May God reward you in abundance for the fantastic work you are doing. I hope it’s a rewarding journey for you, spiritually and emotionally.”

Danish Javed (Biomedical Science student)