New Research Collaboration with University of San Carlos, Philippines

Coventry University (CU) is proud to announce that Gene Fe Paleria ( Head of the Electronics Laboratory) from the University of San Carlos (USC), Philippines, will be joining CU to undertake a PhD sponsored by the DOST Newton PhD Scholarship programme.

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The aims of the agreed  PhD programme are to inform the development of wireless devices and tools to support integrated community-based microgrids and microgeneration control; and map the current gaps in education and technology that make them inaccessible or difficult to apply in the Philippine context.

The Newton Fund is an Emerging Powers Research and Innovation Fund to support science and innovation partnerships with emerging powers. Through the Newton Fund, the UK will use its strength in research and innovation to promote the economic development and social welfare of partner countries. The Fund forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment and its primary focus is to develop partner countries’ research and innovation capacity for long-term sustainable growth.  By working together on bi-lateral and multi-lateral programmes with a research and innovation focus, the UK will build strong, sustainable, systemic relationships with partner countries. This will support the continued excellence of the UK research base and innovation ecosystem and act as a golden key to unlock opportunities for wider collaboration and trade.

CU and USC in the Philippines have been collaborating in both academia and research for a number of years. Currently, the two institutions are conducting joint research under an Institutional Links grant, concerned with sensing and automation in a mango waste processing plant with the view of increased efficiency, productivity and capacity. Both institutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which covers aspects of two-way research, mobility, research exchanges and researcher development activities. CU and USC have undertaken  four mobility activities involving both researchers and management staff, with the aim of better understanding the ethos of each other’s institutions, plan long term joint aims for the collaboration and enable effective two ways transfer of knowledge.

CU will provide PhD support through Dr James Brusey (Director, Cogent Labs; Reader in Pervasive Computing) and Prof. Elena Gaura (Associate Dean, Research) who have long-standing experience in training and mentoring PhD students and have graduated ten PhD students since 2009. On completion, all cogent doctorands have secured high profile positions at institutions such as The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Coventry University and in their respective countries of origin, helping build the next generation of researchers. The PhD may lead to positive impact on the lives of poor populations in the Philippines and may contribute to the economic development and social welfare of the Philippines in the future.

CU is a top 15 UK University. Our research strategy Excellence with Impact commits us to provide a high quality experience for our post graduate research students (PGRS) who are an essential element of our research community. Doctoral programmes are governed through the research curriculum framework (RCF), which conforms to the framework for higher education qualifications (FHEQ).



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