CULC Students Take on Wall Street

Wall StreetA group of 32 undergraduate and postgraduate students who are currently studying a finance programme at Coventry University London Campus (CULC) visited New York this month to gain a real insight into one of the most famous financial districts of the world.

Accompanied by staff members Rosul Gazi, Ike Ndu and Carole Tee, the students enjoyed the cultural aspects of the Big Apple over the six day trip. Students visited a variety of tourist attractions including Times Square, The Empire State building, and enjoyed activities such as ice skating in Central park, a boat cruise along the River Hudson and shopping on Fifth Avenue.

As part of Coventry University London Campus continuious commitment to providing students with a real business experience, the group had the opportunity to meet with a number of top finance companies in America including The Plymouth Group and VanGuard Securities in Philadelphia. They attended a seminar presentation at the Bloomberg headquarters and received a live demonstration on how the terminals work. Students were able to enhance their existing skills, as many had received prior training through the use of the Bloomberg terminal at the London Campus.

In addition, students visited the world famous Federal Bank Reserve of New York on Wall Street where they were given a tour of the building, which included seeing the vaults which hold the world’s highest gold reserves. Learning about the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve encouraged stu​dents to ask many questions and develop their knowledge.

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