Postgraduate Students Visit Sicily to Enhance Their Learning

A group of more than 40 postgraduate students from the School of Humanities recently visited Sicily.

Dr Rino Coluccello, main organiser of the trip, delivers modules on organised crime and incorporated the trip into his teaching about the Sicilian anti-mafia efforts, as it supports a travel agency that fights against the payment of protection money to the local mafia (AddioPizzo – which translates as ‘fairwell protection money’).

Students on the MA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, led by Dr Orsini-Jones, visited a vocational secondary school (Istituto Professionale Luigi Einaudi) to observe a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) English class. It is hoped that this visit will result in on-going cross-sector collaboration on teacher training. The trip linked to their modules on materials design and theory and practice of language learning and teaching.

Positive feedback has been received on the trip, which was perceived by students to be thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating (as well as fun of course).

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