Lazarski University Hosts Conference on European Economics

Lazarski University, ranked the best university in Poland by U-Multirank and one of the most internationalized in the country, has recently held the successful II international conference “Economic turmoil in Contemporary Europe” on 19th and 20th September 2016.

The conference brought together researchers from different fields in order to share their research methods, exchange ideas, and discuss results of their recent research in Economics. A varied range of thematic and plenary sessions covered the most important economic and political topics of contemporary Europe.  The event established a new, well-functioning network and set a solid ground for future conferences in the “Economic turmoil in Contemporary Europe” cycle.

Academics from economics, public policy, public finance, political science, sociology, and other disciplines on board with Dr Piotr Lis (Lecturer in Economics at Coventry University) dealt with the lessons of the past and discussed how they may be applied to Europe’s future.  Notable participants included Chairman Prof. Bogna Gawronska-Nowak (Łazarski University) and Co-Chairman Prof. Waldemar Florczak (Jagiellonian Universityas well as Prof. Joanna Działo (University of Łódź), Prof. Piotr Krajewski (Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of Sciences) and Prof. Sławomir Bukowski (Kazmierz Puławski University of Technology and Humanities in Radom).

Dr Olha Zadorozhna, Programme Director of the BA in Business Economics and MSc in International Business Economics at Lazarski, said about the event:

“this conference helped me and other participants understand better economic and financial processes that are currently taking place in Europe, including issues connected to migration and TTIP. Special thanks to Dr. Piotr Lis from Coventry University for his active support and participation in the conference.”


Dr Olha Zadorozhna


Dr. Lukasz Konopielko (Vice Dean of the faculty of Economics and Management at Lazarski University), Dr. Ostap Kushnir (Director of Management programme at LU)


Ms. Yuliya Vitko (young researcher from LU)










As part of its portfolio, Lazarski offers dual awards together with CU including BA International Relations and European studies and , BA Economics, MA International Relations and MSc International Business Economics. Both universities are committed to academic research and innovation, with Lazarski having funded three research institutes and its own publishing house.

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