Sociologists’ new creative research project

Sociologists’ new creative research project

Sociology students will be conducting a micro sociological project in Coventry and Gothenburg at the end of the term and exhibiting their projects in a Coventry art gallery.

The project is designed as part of the Research Methods module to complement the students’ theoretical learning by allowing them to apply these methods to ‘real world’ sociological topics. Half of the team will conduct a project in Coventry and half in Gothenburg. In groups of 10 they will research one of the following themes:

• the refugee crisis
• industrial heritage
• cultural politics
• urban planning
• city markets
• post-industrial decline

The projects will all be self-directed, with on-site guidance from Dr. Joshua Paul, Dr. Charlotte Butler and Dr. Geraldine Hammersley in Gothenburg and Ben Kyneswood and Dr. Paul Campbell in Coventry.

The students will also create a photo poster using their research project to engage with the methodological movement to make Sociology more public and artistic. The photos will be exhibited in the Glass Box Gallery in Coventry in May.

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