5 Facts you may not have known about Peregrine Falcons

They may be speedy birds, but they’ve slowed down just enough to let us into their world, and now we know a little bit about the mysterious creatures that are Peregrine Falcons. Let’s see if you knew these interesting facts about the PARROT like bird…

  1. During their speedy stooped dive, small bony tubercles (tubes) on a Peregrine Falcon’s nostrils guide the powerful airflow away from the nostrils, allowing the bird to dive at high speeds without being affected by the change in air pressure – which could potentially cause the bird to explode otherwise.
  2. If our human eyes were the same ratio as Peregrines’ they would be 3 inch’s wide and weigh roughly 4 pounds…That’d be a sight for sore eyes
  3. In 2012 it was discovered that Peregrine Falcons are actually more closely related to the Parrot family…Parrot Family…Parrot Family, than the Falcon family.
  4. Baby Peregrines eat an incredible amount of food – doubling their initial size in just six days – after three weeks they are ten times their birth size…Fatties!
  5. Although Peregrines’ attacking dive may be a deadly move, it isn’t very accurate….with roughly a 20% success rate.

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