Peregrines in Coventry

Peregrines have been recorded in Coventry city centre since 2006, using various perches on the old Cathedral spire, the new Cathedral and nearby Holy Trinity Church.

The first female spotted was originally seen with jesses on her legs indicating this was an escaped falconry bird. Eventually these jesses were shed. A pair of peregrines have been present during recent years but the information available on confirmed breeding success to date is limited. However, breeding was confirmed in 2013 with one male fledged, possibly from a nest site on the sports centre roof. It is also believed that successful breeding occurred two or three years ago on the spire of Holy Trinity Church.

Peregrines on Coventry University buildings

During a routine inspection of H block of Priory Hall on June 9th 2014, Derek Brown (University Estates Manager) unexpectedly found that peregrines were breeding on an external recessed area of a plant room/stairwell ventilation on the 11th floor. Two eggs had been laid on loose substrate within the large east facing vent floor. On discovery of the active nest, he left immediately and sought advice. It was around this period in June that the observed behaviour of the peregrines indicated that they could be breeding on one of the University buildings.