Health At Every Size

Hi Everyone,

I am Nazanin and a second year PhD student in lifestyle intervention. My topic of research is Health At Every Size (HAES)! Yes, that’s right. Everyone could be healthy at any size only if they follow a healthy lifestyle.

Coventry University is the first place in the UK where a HAES course has been run – this is the “Well Now” course. Evaluating ‘Well Now’ as proposed for the PhD provides a unique opportunity to determine the impact of attending a HAES course in the UK.

However there are still relatively few studies that have examined a HAES approach across the world and none of them have been from UK!

Before I start to do any experimental research about HAES, we had a plan to undertake a comprehensive systematic review with meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials comparing HAES with conventional weight loss programme interventions.

It was planned to undertake a comprehensive systematic review with  meta-analysis, before starting any experimental research about HAES. As a matter of fact, it’s likely that this research would be done in partnership with Cochrane Heart Group; an entity of the international medical research organization, Cochrane Collaboration. This means that the review will published by Cochrane and be automatically badged as a 4 stars publication, and acknowledged as an internationally important research.

I am really excited to be part of this international movement and me and my supervisory team are to submit the Protocol to Cochrane before 13th November…So now we have to keep the hard work on, and I hope to get the wanted results of this submission!!

Coventry University