Jonathan Kershaw – How do we go from here?

Jonathan Kershaw

How is the way we ‘consume’ the car manifest, and will the need for more environmentally friendly personal transport change our relationship with the car forever?


Jonathan is a PhD research student based at SURGE (Applied Research Centre for Sustainable Regeneration) here at Coventry University, researching the socio-cultural ‘consumption’ of the car and how our relationship with the car might impact upon the uptake of low carbon vehicles. A self confessed ‘treehugging petrolhead’, he is also interested in wider environmental and sustainability issues beyond the car.

Charley Hill-Butler – Pilot Study

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFollowing on from my previous post, I have now completed my pilot study. My pilot study involved identifying all thermally active volcanoes, 2000-2012. In addition, the global volcanic heat flux was calculated and compared to all large earthquakes (M≥8.0). Overall, the results are really interesting and I am hoping that my Phase 1 analysis will now identify more subtle interactions at individual volcanoes.