The Technology

We are installing sensors in selected Coventry homes to measure utility usage and indoor air quality.


1The “3 in 1 sensor” firstly measures the relative humidity in the air. This tells us how well ventilated a room is and whether it is at risk of damp or mould. Secondly it measures the carbon dioxide in the air. This tells us the quality of the air in the surrounding area. Thirdly it measures the indoor air temperature. This tells us whether the room is at a comfortable and healthy temperature.


Three further sensors will be installed:32

  • One sensor attaches to the gas meter to tell us how much gas the household is using
  • Another sensor attaches to the electricity meter to tell us how much electricity the household is using
  • The last sensor attaches to the water meter to tell us how much water the household is using


We will also supply some smart plugs which the user can plug different appliances into. These tell you how much electricity the appliance is using.

Each home will be given a tablet on which they can view their own energy ‘dashboard’ which shows how much electricity, gas and water they are using. It will allow them to compare today to yesterday, this week to last week and so on.

4Later in the trial, we will install the energy game on each tablet. This will allow the user to explore different scenarios inside their virtual home and complete challenges. They will be rewarded with new levels to complete, and objects to make their virtual house more interesting and stylish!