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A key feature of the 2014 Teaching and Learning Conference will be an ‘Open Conference’ strand focussed on the future of teaching and learning.  The aim of this strand is to promote discussion around emerging themes and generate ideas to inform the University’s next Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy.

How will the Open Conference Strand work?  Participants have been invited to pose key questions, in advance of the conference, in response to an overarching question: What is just beyond the cutting edge for teaching and learning: Where next for Coventry?

These participant generated questions will be organised into 10 themes for discussion at the conference.  Each theme will meet on three occasions, through their discussions the participants will refine and develop these questions into new ideas and questions; leading to the generation of proposals for consideration during revision of the Teaching, Learning and Assessment Strategy.

Discussion on this strand will take place both in the rooms and spaces in the conference and over social media. If you have never tweeted before, help will be on hand to help you make your first Tweets and contribute to the discussion.

The aim is for the discussion on this strand to take place both in the rooms and spaces in the conference and over Twitter. The twitter # for the conference is #CovTLC in addition you will be allocated a number for your session so all tweets linked to your session can be identified, for example #CovTLC 12  This number will be displayed in your room.  A student helper will also be available to tweet and to help others if needed.

The 10 themes for discussion are:

1. Openness – Is open education is the end of the campus experience?

2. Disruptive technologies – from cutting edge to mainstream

3. We shape our buildings and they shape us. What learning spaces, virtual and physical, do we need for the future?

4. Teaching vs research – can we be best at both?

5. Students as partners – involving and engaging students, do they want to and can they ever be partners?

6. Assessment – Can assessment ever work for both staff and students?

7. Employability – should employers be co-creators of the curriculum?

8. Internationalisation of the Curriculum: engaging all courses.

9. Teaching Excellence – how should we encourage, support and reward innovative teaching and learning?

10. Is Flexibility the future? What should institutional, pedagogical and learner flexibility look like at Coventry University?

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