Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast: Start your day the healthy way!

The first of our quick and simple health blogs to get you back in shape after that Easter indulgence, starting with the most important meal of the day – breakfast!

When trying to improve their health, the two main difficulties most people struggle with are changing their diet, and starting their training regime. A good start is to understand that food is not for your indulgence, but rather to sustain you.
Good food is an energy source that keeps you upright and mobile, bad food provides little energy or nutrition. You don’t need it, you just want it.

If you don’t want to concede to the life of pie, then it’s time start eating healthily and  become more active. With a little persistence and the right guidance, all of us can have a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle. Here are our suggestions to get you going on the road to redemption.
Enjoy these tasty, easy and healthy breakfast recipes then follow our training tips to get your metabolism working hard.

Avocado on toast with egg, ham or turkey

Top 2 slices of wholegrain or wholemeal toast with some crushed avocado and accompany with whatever you like. Eggs (preferably scrambled/sunny side up) lean ham or turkey work well, or if you’re feeling fancy try some pastrami, it’s good for you and tastes like a New York deli sandwich

Avocado on toast with egg
Avocado on toast with egg

Fruit soup:

This one really is as easy and delicious as it sounds, like a twist on a fruit salad but with more protein (due to the milk). All you need is: cold milk and fresh fruit! Add a handful of fresh fruit (peaches, raspberries, strawberries etc.…) to a bowl of milk, or use a flask and take it with you – remember to keep it cold though!

Fruit Soup
Raspberry Soup

Almond butter and banana toast:

If you’re a toast fanatic with little free time, then this one is for you: just spread a tablespoon of almond butter on a slice of wholemeal toast and top with thinly sliced banana. If you’re feeling fancy, then add some chia/flax/pumpkin or any other seeds you want, and for that extra sweetness – drizzle a little honey on top

Almond butter and banana toast
Almond butter and banana toast

Quick Training tip!

If you feel like you haven’t the time to go to the gym, then make your own one! Whereever you are, if you find yourself with a spare couple of minutes just ‘drop and do 20‘. Scientific research has proven that intervals of short exercise throughout the day can dramatically improve your overall fitness levels. Whether it’s jogging on the spot, bench-pressing on your desk or performing a sun salutation in the corridor – there’s always a way to burn those lunchtime calories.

If you want more energy, and a healthier body  – then these are the types of breakfast you need to start eating. With a nutritious start to the day, and more exercise throughout – you’ll soon be on your way to a healthier version of you.

Coming soon: Your guide to healthy lunches, dinners and midnight feasts!