Oops…I’ll do it again!

So you fudged it all up, after trying your hardest you still missed the proverbial barrel. Well now it’s your chance to take a second stab at it and hopefully, this time, you’ll come out victorious.

Although this may sound like the synopsis from Rocky 3 (if you need inspiration you should definitely watch it!) we’re actually on about those pesky little resits, otherwise known as ‘golden opportunities to make amends for your earlier slip up’.

University can be a trying time and occasionally it all becomes too much for people. Sometimes you can’t complete a piece in time, or maybe you panic at the exam table, or there may’ve been a technical fault or family issue. Whatever happened, resits are there to help you, but don’t become complacent – they are not an easy way out.

So what can you to do differently this time? Here’s a list of things you should do to make sure you nail that second attempt:
Res-sit post

  1. DON’T leave it till the last minute. Most students wind up having to re-do coursework because they failed to hand in a completed initial project on time. So make sure you organise your time more efficiently. Make a chart of what you’re going to do on certain days or set short-term targets to ensure it all gets done.
  2. DON’T recycle – Yes, you heard right, recycling your past attempt will be a complete waste of time. The questions, projects and topics could be completely different to the first time around. Don’t be tempted to just re-hash your old work; your tutor will spot a re-submission in a second.
  3. DON’T underestimate the effect of passing a resit – 
Nearly all resits are capped at 40%, but this does not mean they can’t make a difference to both your grade and your attitude as a student.Admittedly, it will hurt to know you could’ve done better with more effort or planning. However, this feeling of frustration can actually be a positive. Why not use it as a way to spur you on to progress and evolve as a university student?
  4. This one was requested by one of our very own staff members: PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A HOLIDAY – Having to cancel a trip abroad because you didn’t consider having to complete a resit is really rather a nuisance. Worse, it will definitely stop you from topping up that post-exam tan you were dreaming of. Remember, if you prepare for the worst, the best will always happen.


  1. DO put in your full effort – Although your final mark may be capped, you should still complete it like you would any other module. Just because you’ll only receive 40% for your work, doesn’t mean you only have to put in 40% of the effort. Training yourself to only work half as hard will not help you with future exams and assessments. Stay focused and don’t sell yourself short.
  2. DO Ask for help – Even if you think you’ll look silly or seem ‘stupid’ asking for help on a re-sit, trust me you won’t. Don’t forget that everybody needs help at some point. This is a time when students can feel most under-pressure and overwhelmed so it is important to remain in contact with the outside world, even if it’s to ask for some friendly advice. Your module leader is the perfect person for the job!
  3. DO check the assignment brief and read your previous feedback – You wouldn’t walk into a test without revising would you? (Don’t answer that). So why do the same for a resit? Take the time to look over what you did wrong last time and consider how you’ll avoid doing it again. Assignment briefs are a great way of finding out what examiners are looking for and how you can achieve this.

    Good luck everyone!