Results day: Keep calm and stay positive!

With just a few hours to go until the ‘big reveal’, it’s important to not panic.
I know you’re all probably thinking: “What does he know about it, it’s not like he’s going through it!” Well..

…you’d be right, I’m not going through it at the moment, but I’ve been through it in the past. As the great saying goes: “Hindsight is a wonderful thing”… And I’m your hindsight!

With that idea in mind, I’ve been looking over #resultsday on Twitter to see how people are feeling, and I want to address these emotions and reassure you that everything will be okay.

Here’s what I picked up on…

scared animated GIF 1) Nerves/Sickness/“OMG, I’m gonna die”

Every other tweet leading up to results day includes something along these lines. Obviously, it’s a completely natural response so I’m not going to tell you to simply suppress your feelings, but it is worth trying to ‘push them aside’, if you like.

Yes, results day is fast approaching, but the best way to not think about it is to simply keep busy. In the week leading up to my results two years ago, I did something everyday. One day I’d be out with friends shopping all day, the next I’d be at the cinema followed by a cheeky Nandos. It was just a case of finding anything to keep my mind off D-day, and it worked. Try it!

bored animated GIF 2) Sick of Waiting

It’s probably true that these past few weeks have seen your patience waning, but please – I beg you – stop counting down to results day and try to enjoy the holidays while they’re here. Once you have your results, you’ll find yourself so pre-occupied that the following weeks will fly by faster than you can say “university”. We’re so close now, but it’s important not to let this single day ruin your holiday. There are always options, no matter what the outcome, trust us.

frustrated animated GIF 3) Stress

You shouldn’t be stressed about results day, but so many of you on Twitter still are. At this point it’s a waiting game, but similarly to nerves, keep busy and try not to think about it! Results aren’t there to stress you out, they are there to help. Speaking of help, that’s also what we’re here for! We’ll be on Twitter to chat and reassure you that there is nothing to worry about! We can advise you on anything, so please remember that you’re not alone.

4) ‘I’m going to fail…’

This is the bluntest form of many of your tweets. Some of them are a lot more… creative, let’s say… but they still mean the same thing. So, firstly, what you define as failing and what I define as failing are very different. To you, not meeting your grade requirements is considered failing. To me, failing means that there are no options, and there are always options!

Remain positive! STOP convincing yourself that you have failed. During part of my A-Level exams, I was convinced I had ruined my prospects of going to University but on results day, I was surprised. It taught me to stop being so pessimistic, as it’s a very unhealthy attitude that will affect both your mind and body.

5) The dreaded dream about results

I know the feeling: the recurring dream that you open that dreaded envelope and believe that your future is doomed. Not a nice dream, but that is exactly what it is – a dream! It’s not real and it isn’t predicting your results. Please remember that these results are only there to let you know how you’ve been performing so far. Use them to your advantage and don’t let the dream put you down!

Hopefully, I’ve eased your mind a little. We at Coventry University have everything crossed for you. Keep calm, stay positive, and good luck!

Remember: You can chat to us on Twitter: @covcampus in the run up and after results day!