5 cool courses you didn’t know existed!

The more traditional courses always fill up within a short space of time – possibly because their names are so well known! So before you panic and ask for something ‘safe’, check out these five cool course and see which inspires you to try something different:

You never know, one of these obscure sounding outside-of-the-box courses could in fact be the perfect one for you…not that you’re obscure…which wouldn’t be an issue anyway…oh, forget it. Anyway, here are some of the hidden treasures you might not have considered!

1. Ethical Hacking & Network Security

Ethical hacking

‘Hacking’ may be one of the most commonly used words of 2015, with every company worth knowing offering hackers anything from monetary gifts to ridiculous amounts of air-miles just for the pleasure of breaking into their websites. Hacking has become big business and the trend seems to be continuing. By studying on the Ethical Hacking & Network Security course, you’ll learn how to fight against cyber criminals direct from your computer. With the European Commission stating that the cost of computer crime is somewhere near £530 billion pounds a year, why not train as a superhero and help prevent such crimes?

2. Aerospace Technology 

Aerosace engineering

Now this course just ‘sounds’ fantastic doesn’t it? Whether you’re actually interested in planes and spacecraft or not, walking around telling people you study ‘Aerospace Technology’ sounds damn exciting right? Well it is! You’ll learn about a whole host of different topics, ranging from aeronautical engineering in your first year, all the way through to aerospace technology in your final year. You’ll learn about the principles of aviation, become an expert in flight safety and become equipped with the vital aircraft engineering and maintenance skills. Plus you’ll get to “fly” a wide range of aircraft using our state-of –the-art flights simulators. With the option to take a placement year somewhere in between all that studying, you’ll have your head in the clouds all the way to graduation!

3. Architectural Technology

Architecture Mapping

If you ever got too carried away with your Lego or managed to build a substantial tower block out of K’Nex, then this is the course for you. Students who chose Architectural Technology will learn about the design and technical performance of infrastructures as well as developing an in depth understanding of the architectural design process. They will study the cultural and economic environment in which development takes place and the construction technologies used to achieve sustainable buildings. You’ll also learn how to draw and model architectural forms along the way!

4. Motorsport Engineering

Motorsport Engineering PROPER

As kids, growing up we all aspired to have amazing, awe-inspiring jobs that our friends would be jealous of, and there can’t be many things more likely to spark envy amongst your friends than a career in the glamorous world of motorsportCU has a long and proud association with the automotive industry and is famed for its courses in car design and engineering. The university’s expertise in this area extends into competitive car racing and its Motorsport Engineering degree offers a route into this high-tech, multi-million pound global industry. Combining theoretical principles with practical hands on activities, students will be able to embark on fantastic adventures through the university’s close links with some of the leading names in the performance engineering world. There’s even the chance to get a real taste of competitive motorsport through the renowned industry-backed Formula Student contest, widely viewed as a rite of passage for new recruits into the profession. So if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, strap on your racing boots and get applying!

5. Agroecology & Food Security 

Agriculture Image

Now this is something that’s both awesome and green friendly too. Food security is a huge global issue at the moment and it’s something that needs to be resolved to sustain the future of our planet. Studying the Agroecology & Food Security MSc will enable both professionals and graduates alike to gain the necessary knowledge to help provide a better future for the inhabitants of our planet. Yet another chance for you to become a superhero, just #CUbelieve!