coventry university accommodation

Considering Adjustment or Clearing? Think about accommodation!

If you’re planning on joining us through either Adjustment or Clearing, you need to know what to do about your accommodation!

Good News!

Coming through Adjustment or Clearing can leave you with a lot of ‘what ifs‘, but accommodation doesn’t have to be one of them. Coventry University hold limited accommodation places for students coming to us through adjustment or clearing, and these are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Do I get a choice?

If all accommodation options are still available when your place is confirmed you’ll be able to choose between self-catered, catered or en suite options. All Coventry University owned halls include utility bills in the rental costs as standard, so that’s one less thing to think about.


But I don’t want to live in University Halls?

Of course, University halls aren’t always the first choice for everybody, but there are plenty of other options out there. Coventry University has a selection of University owned houses, and there are plenty of private rentals available in the city too. If this is your first time away from home then halls or a University owned house are usually the best places to start because everyone’s in the same boat. But private rental can work well too, just make sure you’re clear on what you’re looking for and know your realistic budget before you start looking.


The Future Lets, Coventry University’s own private letting agency, run house viewings throughout the summer for students looking for accommodation outside of University owned properties. The Students’ Union Advice Centre is also open throughout the summer and offers housing advice sessions and advertising for those looking for a room, a house or a housemate. House viewings and tours give you the opportunity to meet other students in the same position.


Your accommodation won’t make or break your university experience, so don’t let it break you. Wherever you end up, you’ll have a great time, and one of my favourite things about Coventry is that wherever you live, you’re never too far from the city centre.

See, there’s nothing to worry about! But if you don’t believe me, why not speak to some of our current students on Twitter or The Student Room? We’re online every day, so get in touch!