Questions for open day

What to ask at a Coventry University Open Day!

If There’s so much you want to know about Uni, but you have no idea where to begin or how to ask, Then fear not! We have some handy hints on what to ask when attending a #CovOpenDay.

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Firstly, it’s important to reiterate that you can and should ask questions! It’s easy to just attend and keep quiet, absorbing all the new information and surroundings, and often people find it awkward to speak up, but there are no such things as stupid questions, especially at open days. Remember, this is your opportunity as much as everyone elses, so take advantage of it and ask away!

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The Course.

Surely the number one priority of your open day is to discover more information about the course/s you are interested in taking? After all, it will be a major part of at least 3 years of your life! The many faculty and course talks that take place throughout the day will give you the opportunity to find out much more than a prospectus or webpage can tell you. These talks will generally devote a section to Q&A, so here’s some things you may want to consider asking:

  • What advice would you give on how to succeed on the course?
  • What are the key topics or themes that run through the modules?
  • Can you tell me a bit more about your selection process – eg. will I have to attend an interview?
  • Are gap years/placements seen as an important element of the course?
  • Do you have any direct links with specific companies or industries to enhance our career prospects?
  • Any previous student success stories?
  • What kind of trips or events would/could we go on? (We all love a field trip!)

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Student Accommodation.

Another huge part of your university life will be where you intend to live whilst you study. Even if your original plan isn’t to stay in student halls, our open days provide the opportunity to go on an accommodation tour, and these are well worth a look. You never know, you might change your mind when you see what we have to offer. For those of you that already know hall life is the way to go, use these tours to gain as much inside info as you can, from the guides and any current students you might bump into. You should definitely get some honest answers from them! Here’s a few ideas…

  • Could you please break down what is included within the price of this accommodation?
  • How long does it generally take to get to campus from here?
  • What has been/ is your favourite part of living in halls?
  • How have you found the kitchen share situation?
  • Is there anything you wish you had asked before deciding which halls was best for you?
  • Has living in student accommodation met or exceeded your expectations?
  • Where’s the best local takeaway?
  • Who has the best FIFA skills?!

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Current Students

Getting information from those that are actually experiencing it first hand is obviously going to be highly beneficial. You may feel more comfortable asking a current student, or an ambassador, rather than the scary lecturers (they’re not scary though, honest)! The various stalls and sections of the open day are ran by student ambassadors, reps, and volunteers, and they are all happy to listen to any (genuine) questions and give advice on things that are important to you. They are also a great way to find out about any campus hotspots, and also the best places to enjoy some food and drink! So, why not ask…

  • What was the key factor/s that made you decide on Coventry University?
  • Do you actually get as much support as the University says you do?
  • How long did it take to get used to your new surroundings?
  • Favourite aspect of campus?
  • Most annoying aspect of campus?
  • Does the student rep system actually make a difference?
  • Just how epic is Freshers?
  • Best places for a night out?
  • Where are the toilets?!

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As we have mentioned before, do not be afraid to ask questions. Open days are exactly what it says on the tin – open! This is an open opportunity to find out as much as possible, and more importantly, information that means something to you.

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