Christmas Jumpers

The best Christmas jumpers of 2015!

Ah the humble Christmas jumper; a festive tradition that excelled itself in the 80’s, filling houses with grumpy men and kids in ill-fitting creations made with love…and the best Christmas-themed knitting patterns that Women’s Weekly could offer.

Christmas knitting pattern
A delightful Christmas knitting pattern from the 80’s

Move on twenty years and we come to the Christmas jumper revival! Slowly creeping onto the catwalks in 2010, more as a ironic statement piece then a serious party attire option, the Christmas jumper was unexpectedly adopted by all. Since then, every store is sure to offer a strong supply of knitted treats come Wintertime. Whether it be Primark or Prada, there’s no excuse to not wear a jumper on Christmas day*

*except that Global Warming means Christmas day is rarely that cold, which is probably why Christmas-jumper-style t-shirts have also started appearing on the racks!

Oh, and if you think you’ve got away with it this year because you’ve left it too late, think again! UnCOVered are here to save to the day (sorry about that) and ensure no-one is left jumper-less this year…

Or there’s this, at £1300… isn’t he it yummy…?

Ralph Lauren £1300
Ralph Lauren £1300

Alternatively you could have a go at making your own Christmas jumper:

Paperchase £15
Paperchase £15

Just remember to show us what you made!