How to make the most out of your Masters degree…

If you thought postgraduate life was going be more difficult and less exciting than your life as an undergrad, maybe you should think again. Many assume that during your postgraduate studies, your time is taken up with lots of coursework and late nights in the library. But this isn’t the case. Here are some ways to make the most of your Masters degree…


You may be busy during your time as a postgrad student, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time for some exploring.

Getting away from regular life every now and again is very healthy for the mind and soul and with Coventry being in the heart of the country, getting about is easy! Birmingham, Leamington Spa and London are all easily accessible by car and train and make great getaways for the weekend.

Even better, through the International Office, Coventry University offers day trips to different cities all over the UK at very reasonable prices. They are definitely worth taking!

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Classroom experience

A big factor in the transition from being an undergraduate to a postgraduate is the amount of contact time you get at the university. Your schedule may look a little lighter but that just means you have more time for your own studies. As you’re expected to read around the subject matter much more as a postgraduate, make sure you get into the habit of getting your head in a book. You’ll find it’ll make life much easier.

In terms of the lectures and seminars themselves, professors provide lecture notes in advance. You should give them a quick read before every lecture to ensure you are fully prepared for what’s coming. This way you’ll be able to gain a better sense of clarity and be more actively involved in each session.

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Staying active

If you were heavily active in sports as an undergraduate, don’t think that that all has to be over now that you’re going to be a postgrad student.

You are still eligible to join the huge number of sports teams and societies within Coventry University. The best part being that because the majority meet in the evenings, you can plan around your schedule to make time for the other things you’re passionate about.

On the other hand, you can always become a member of Coventry University’s sports centre a to hit the gym in whenever suits you. In stressful and difficult moments, you’ll be thankful of having an active lifestyle that makes you feel more relaxed and energised.

Studying and Socialising

A big advantage that postgraduate students have at Coventry University is that there are certain facilities on hand specifically for your studies. The Jaguar Centre is designed to be used by postgrad students, together with the excellent facilities of the Engineering and Computing Building, with plenty of work space with computers, communal study areas with screens and even a Starbucks!


This is all before you take into account the newly refurbished sections of the library, which contain areas developed with postgraduates in mind, and the great facilities that you came to expect as an undergrad, which are still available to you now.

Please visit Coventry University’s postgraduate study area for all you need to know about courses, how to apply and much more!