9 stages you will go through whilst writing your dissertation

Whether you’ve been through it or are going through it right now, dissertation deadline season is around the corner and here are 9 stages that you will definitely go through whilst writing one.

1. Realising that deadline season comes around pretty fast:confused
2. The feeling of relief when a fellow student utters the words “I haven’t started yet”:r2

3. When you do start…having a mini meltdown and wanting to change your topic: p2
4. Procrastination followed by more procrastination: daria
5. When people ask you how your dissertation is going: hiding1
6. Going to The Winchester (or in this case The Phoenix) to wait for all this to blow over: Winchester
7. Finally starting to understand your topic: smart1
8. Having all your chapters come together and make sense: cool
9. Submitting your dissertation: LDC
 With procrastination higher on the agenda than the dissertation probably is, here are some tips to avoid it.