Undergraduate Students That Are Interested in Postgraduate Study

Yemurai Chaipa decided to study her postgraduate degree at Coventry University 6 years after completing her undergraduate degree here. She discusses the process of applying for a postgraduate degree at Coventry University.

After graduating at Coventry University in 2011, I came back to the same university to pursue my master’s degree. With the option of 150 universities across the country offering postgraduate programmes as well as the convenience of postgraduate online degrees, I was not short of choices however, after undertaking my undergraduate at Coventry University I decided to pursue full-time education taking one of the best courses on campus – Global Entrepreneurship (MA).

The course leader made time to see me

In 2013 I remember emailing the course leader at the time, asking to come for a short meeting even though it wasn’t open day season, she kindly made time to see me.

I attended the Postgraduate Open Day

2017 arrived, I was progressing in my career but doing a Master’s is something I always wanted to do. However, before making such a drastic change of lifestyle I attended the Postgraduate Open Day on the 17TH June 2017 and spoke to the current course leader who talked me through what the course entailed. I appreciated her thorough detail and honesty of how challenging yet rewarding it would be.

Attending the Open Day truly put things in perspective. I would highly recommend everyone considering postgraduate study at Coventry University to attend an Open Day, for an opportunity to gain insight on the subject choice they intend to embark on, this will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Coventry University offered a fast track course

There are several reasons I decided to come back to Coventry University namely flexibility, content and continual excellence. Prior to coming to Coventry University I had attempted taking a different course at another university, however I found out early on that the course was not for me. Instead of me having to wait until next September intake, Coventry University offered a fast track course which gave me the option to start In January, then later on join the people who had started in September in my second year. This meant that I did my undergrad in just over two years opposed to three years. This was a great advantage.

If you studied at Coventry University as an undergrad you get an Alumni £1000 discount

Overall, I am glad I made the choice to come back because there is no other university I would rather be at and not to mention, if you studied at Coventry University no matter how long ago, you also get the Alumni £1000 discount which is a useful bonus as a student.

Overall, applying for the postgrad was a thorough process as I had to provide a lot of documents however, it helped that I was alumini so the university could look in my file and see my undergraduate transcript. That helped make the process more easy.

There is lots of support available for undergraduates who would like to apply for a postgraduate degree at Coventry University, even if you apply late like Yemurai did. Search on our course finder for the ideal course for you, or for further information about roadshows, career events, postgraduate study fairs and more – visit our Stay on Go Further page.