Want to Change Subject Areas? Read Maddie’s Story

Maddie studied her bachelor’s degree in Forensic Investigations at Coventry University, but then decided she wanted to change her career path and studied Air Transport Management for her master’s. Read Maddie’s journey going from one subject to another, which allowed her to get the perfect degree for her career choice.

As a huge fan of detective series with a great interest in law, police but also science I thought … why don’t I give it a go myself? Sure, it must be fun! With this in mind, I decided to start my bachelor’s degree in Forensic Investigations at Cov Uni.


Although I do believe it was a great course, which taught me how to think critically and be analytic, it looked like a career in investigations was not going to be what I had previously imagined. After close consideration and bearing in mind my passion for aviation was growing every day, I thought to myself – why don’t I integrate my two big passions, the world of investigations and aviation into a career?

So much so, that I embarked on a new adventure – studying a master’s degree in Air Transport Management at Cov Uni. Why this course at this particular university? It was mainly because at the time, Cov Uni was the only university offering a program which included a taught module on Aviation Security, Safety and Emergency Planning which was exactly what I was hoping to go into later on in my career (and still am J).

helicopter-flying-in0the-skyWas changing fields an easy thing to do… or was it not? It certainly had its challenges. Particularly when you find yourself in a room full of people who most definitely know more than you do and have more experience than you have. But for me, this has been a great push – it gave me the motivation (and sleepless nights at times) I needed to progress my skills and knowledge and raise up to the expectations.

Although there was a huge amount of information to take in, the academic team was extremely supportive and the teaching material has been created in such a way that supported my learning very well and it was a lot of fun to be able to finally learn about aviation. As such, although I started off with little or no knowledge in certain areas, I managed to fulfil expectations (or at least I hope), and I am now confident and most happy to move on into a career in the aviation sector.

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