Inter KT – Vehicle Dynamics Collaboration

Engineering faculties at Coventry University and the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada are working together to develop software that will help students around the world learn about vehicle dynamics.

Inter KTA six-week visit by Mike Blundell, professor of vehicle dynamics and impact at Coventry University, is currently advancing the Inter KT project, especially its capabilities in tyre modelling. Prof. Blundell is also delivering guest lectures on tyre performance to University of Windsor students, while raising awareness of opportunities for exchange visits or research study at Coventry.

Prof. Blundell says he has been delighted at the chance to work with colleagues here and is proud of his appointment as a visiting professor.
“This has proved to be a unique career experience for me and provides an opportunity to build a strong collaboration between our two institutions around the vehicle dynamics subject area,” he says. “The EoM software that Bruce has developed is already being used by our students at Coventry University and working in an open source software environment will help our students and future researchers develop the skills they need as we drive our research agenda.”

uwin_logoDr. Bruce Minaker of the Vehicle Dynamics and Control Research Group at the University of Windsor says, “This is an important aspect of the visit. We both hope this visit will provide a platform for ongoing two-way exchange visits for staff and students between our two institutions.”

Prof. Blundell presented the first paper resulting from the collaboration in June at the Joint International Conference on Multibody System Dynamics in Montreal.

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