Microcab – innovative hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

LCV11-3Coventry University are leading the way in introducing innovative hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, providing a solution to the problem of urban air pollution and advancing the hydrogen fuel agenda internationally. As such, Mircocab was born – a spin out company from Coventry University, for the production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The project led by Coventry University has evolved since its advent in 2001 as a basic functioning prototype. In 2009 closed campus use vehicles were created, and then in 2012 eight road-legal vehicles.

Throughout the course of the project, various sectors in the UK and international consortia have provided their expertise in different stages of the development. SMEs, large corporate organisations and academic experts within the automotive, manufacturing, economics, transport and design sectors have been brought together to support the project at each stage. The Enterprise & Innovation Group helped to pull together all of this research and expertise to create the final result.

Microcab worked alongside the IP Team, to ensure the product was patent protected (including the brand and individual elements of the design). The Enterprise & Innovation Group sourced suitable funding opportunities to ensure the Microcab can be further tested and developed ready for market.

To learn more about Microcab and it’s current and past projects, please visit their dedicated website www.microcab.co.uk.

For more information about the business opportunities at coventry University, please visit our dedicated Business homepage, www.coventry.ac.uk/business

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