Hochschule Bochum University of Applied Sciences International Week

CU staff were proud to attend the recent bi-annual International Week at Coventry University’s longstanding academic partner Hochschule Bochum University of Applied Sciences based in Germany.

The event was attended by 23 of partners of Hochschule Bochum across the disciplines of Business and Management, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, and Architecture. In attendance from Coventry University was Ms. Lindsay Easton, Progression Coordinator, from the Academic Partnership Unit and Dr. Christophe Bastien, Principal Lecturer, from the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing.

The event launched with a welcome reception from the Vice-Dean for Mechatronics and Research, Professor Dr. Daniel Schilberg, before launching into a series of guest lectures by Bochum’s partners to prospective students. A session was delivered by Christophe on Automotive Crash Safety and a session delivered by Lindsay on Studying at Coventry University.

Guest Lecture 1 - Automotive Crash Safety, Christophe Bastien

Guest lectures delivered by Dr. Christophe Bastien on Automotive Crash Safety


Particpants were invited to attend a presentation by current students working on a solar powered car. Hochschule Bochum is widely acknowledged for its activities in the field of electromobility. For many years, students have been building cars driven by solar power with which they have successfully competed in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. This experience is evidenced by solar racers such as SolarWorld No.1, the BOcruiser, SolarWorld GT (which earned an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for its round-the-world trip) or the Powercore SunCruiser, with which Hochschule Bochum garnered 2nd place in the Cruiser class of the 2013 world championships. In 2015, Team Bochum and its ThyssenKrupp SunRiser took 3rd place in this category of vehicles designed specifically for practicality.

The event closed with a formal reception with Professor Dr. Jurgen Bock, President of Hochschule Bochum, who provided an overview of the history of Hochschule Bochum and aspirations for the future.

Our partnership with Hochschule Bochum is long established and provided Coventry University with an opportunity to renew and expand its links with the Faculty of Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. Many notable alumni have graduated from the double postgraduate opportunity with engineering since 2006. We also welcome students from the Faculty of Business and Management annually to join Coventry University postgraduate programmes.

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