Coventry University Voted 3rd Happiest University in the UK

Time at university is crucial in determining who you will be as a grown adult, and increases your likelihood of securing a successful job in whichever career path you choose. Positive years at uni are often spent participating with student organisations, forming professional relationships with faculty members and spending time learning from others in an environment much bigger and more challenging than primary or secondary school.

While focusing on schoolwork is the main objective of university, going off to school is just as much of a life experience as it is an education. So which universities have the happiest students?

Accommodation provider Sodexo recently carried out a survey of thousands of students to rate how happy they are at their university based on education, takeaway options, nightlife and stress level.

University of Sussex and the University of Brighton came in second at 93 percent, with Coventry close behind with 92 percent.

Did your university make the list?

1. Belfast

2. Brighton

3. Coventry

4. Wolverhampton

5. Swansea

6. Leeds

7. Aberystwyth 

8. Birmingham

9. Bristol


Article written by Samantha J. Gross, in EveningStandard

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