Aircraft Design and Theory Courses for the Light Aircraft Association

The Requirement:
The Light Aircraft Association (LAA) wished to broaden their course prospectus to include new additions that would introduce academic rigour and improve their members’ overall light aircraft knowledge, understanding, awareness and safety.

The Solution:
The Faculty of Engineering and Computing worked in partnership with the LAA to design and deliver a new suite of non accredited bespoke courses. Each course was designed to provide a wider and more in-depth understanding of light aircraft and the academic theory behind flight and aerospace design. The courses were all designed with LAA members in mind and targeted key perceived interests.

Through a close working relationship with the LAA, the University was able to develop and design a bespoke training provision that solved real and current sector challenges to comprehensively address the client’s requirements and enable course participants to apply their learning within the workplace. The new courses successfully fulfilled the Association’s requirement for academic rigour and theoretical coverage, to supplement their existing portfolio’s offer. As a result of the positive feedback received from the course participants, a further five new courses are now under development and will run alongside the existing portfolio.

Client quote:
“We have always traditionally been good at handson aircraft skills, but haven’t previously been able to realise our ambitions to expand our members’ academic horizons. By teaming up with Coventry University, we have been able to tap into their expert academic and teaching resources to provide quality courses that our members have found extremely useful.”

Jon Viner – Deputy Chief Engineer at the Light Aircraft Association

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