Deep divisions come to the fore as Turkey protests continue

When it comes to the thorny issue of Islamisation in Turkey, most external commentators focus on whether Turkey is becoming more Islamic in its governance, and what this would mean for Western interests. Concerns over the growing Islamisation of Turkey form the backbone of gloom and doom stories of how the once-loyal ally could now become a “new Iran”.

Expert Interviews: Don Harris – Professor of Human Factors and Head of Human Systems Integration Applied Research Group

Don Harris

Don Harris is a Professor of Human Factors at Coventry University and Head of the new Human Systems Integration Applied Research Group.

Professor, author, consultant and winner of 3 awards for work leading to advances in aerospace. Don has just spent the last three years working with COMAC, the new Chinese aircraft manufacturer on the design and certification of their flight decks.

Mind the Performance Gap… Orbit Housing and the Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre

Elena Gaura, Cogent Computing

Innovation often comes at times of great need, as evidenced by the plethora of new technologies emerging to tackle the UK’s 80% carbon reduction target by 2050. For the housing sector, it is essential that any technologies built into homes are as usable and efficient as possible.