ARM-2-IMPACT: Coventry head to Brighton!

Coventry University are off to the ARMA 25th Anniversary Annual Conference!  Held in Brighton 1-3 June 2015, the conference promises to be the biggest and best yet.  We are delighted to have several talks (and a poster!), covering impact, open access and systemic changes to finance, procurement and research processes.

In Applying Research Methods to Impact (ARM-2-IMPACT) session, Julie Bayley (Impact officer), Casper Hitchins (Research Funding Consultant) and Julia Ryall (Workstream Lead Research and Projects) outline an intervention-informed process for planning impact.  This ‘hybrid’ approach helps research management staff support academics in generating realistic and meaningful plans.

Following a short presentation (NB we have ‘flipped’ the classroom and made a fuller summary of intervention mapping available online – see below) delegates will practice this technique in the session.  Contact us to chat further!!

Session materials are available below. Enjoy 🙂

ARM-2-Impact presentation handout

ARM-2-Impact Intervention Mapping presentation (Prezi extra!)


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